The Outdoor Adventure Company

Terms & Conditions


A deposit of 30% of the trip fee is required to hold your reservation. The balance of the trip fee is due 30 days prior to the trip departure after which time, there is no refund of the deposit paid. Refunds for balance payments already received will be made up to 30 days prior to the start of your trip.

30+ days prior to departure, 50% of deposit retained, full refund of balance payment if already received by our office.

29 – 0 days prior to departure no refund, however we may at our discretion, allow you to carry the balance payment forward for 1 year as a credit towards any of our scheduled trips provided that sufficient prior notice has been given and we are able to replace your booking with another participant.

In the very unlikely event The Outdoor Adventure Company may need to cancel a trip due to insufficient guests or circumstances beyond our control, you will receive a full refund for the trip fee paid for that trip. We reserve the right to alter itineraries for circumstances beyond our control or to cancel any trip for any reason. Where it is necessary to cancel a trip we will provide as much prior notice as possible. If there is insufficient registration we will endeavor to offer you an alternate trip with similar dates and demands. Full refunds for trip fees already paid will be issued for any cancellation initiated by us. We do not under any circumstances assume any other cost or liability incurred by the participant as a result of a trip cancellation. If you are flying to the departure point we very strongly recommend that you purchase trip cancellation insurance.

Please Note: We reserve the right to refuse bookings or to cancel bookings to anyone who we feel will be a detriment to the safety or general enjoyment of our clients, staff or guides on any wilderness trip. Any participant that has been determined to be unfit or unsafe to continue the wilderness trip by our guides or staff may, at our discretion be removed from the trip without refund. Any costs incurred in carrying out this removal will be charged to the participant.

Non Compliance with Booking Procedures: If we do not receive full payment by the time specified in your Booking Confirmation email we charge the balance to your credit card plus the 3.5% Credit Card processing fee charged to us by the bank. If we have not received your waiver / medical / food forms by the time specified in your Booking Confirmation email we reserve the right to cancel your booking completely without refund.


Gift Certificates are non refundable once purchased and must be used in the time period specified on the certificate. If they are carried onto a later season than the season purchased then the purchase amount paid will be applied to the later trip date and any increases in trip fees for the new season will be applicable.

Dates for use are subject to availability. Please contact us as soon as possible to select a date for your adventure trip to avoid disappointment.

The Gift Certificate is completely transferable to other parties and its purchase value may be applied to any trip we carry throughout the year.


Due to the inherent risks involved in wilderness travel all participants are required to sign a standard liability release.


As we must strictly enforce our cancellation policy, we very strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance and medical coverage/insurance for the length of your stay in Canada.


Due to the increased security at the Canadian and US borders we strongly suggest that all visitors to Canada have a valid passport.


We accept VISA and MASTERCARD for deposits and prefer a personal cheque for balance payments. We will accept credit cards for balance payments as well but must add a 3.5% processing fee to the payment that the bank charges us. We will gladly accept personal checks in any currency, but the existing exchange rate into Canadians dollars on the day of deposit will prevail. A final adjustment payment may be required to obtain the correct amount in Canadian dollars. Any trip booked within 2 weeks of departure must be charged to a credit card including the processing fee.


Any last minute bookings (within 2 weeks of trip departure) being made that do not allow ample time for forms and balance payments by personal cheque to arrive by regular mail will be charged to a credit card with the 3.5% credit card processing fee on the 70% balance portion of the booking. The 3.5% CC fee does not apply to the 30% required deposit on credit cards to hold a booking. Forms must be faxed to our office well before the trip departure date.


In the event of an NSF or any cheque being returned as a non-payment the balance outstanding will immediately be charged to the credit card you supplied for your deposit payment plus a $50.00 CAD processing charge and the credit card processing fee of 3.5% on the amount outstanding. Your booking will be canceled if payment can not be secured immediately without refund of deposit paid.

Note: That our trips are priced in Canadian dollars and the existing exchange rate into Canadians dollars on the day of deposit will prevail. A final adjustment payment or credit may be required to obtain the correct amount in Canadian dollars. We will either send money back to your credit card for overpayment or charge your credit card for shortfalls in the appropriate amount to bring the balance back to the correct amount of the invoice in Canadian funds.

Your Responsibilities With Your Responsibilities With Equipment and Gear

Participants are responsible for the proper care and handling of equipment and gear that they are supplied with for use on the trip. Any misuse, damage or loss of this equipment will result in charges for repair or complete replacement and procurement cost of the item(s) at the discretion of, their partners, agents or suppliers.

Waivers / Medical / Food Forms

It is essential that all Waivers / Medical / Food forms and balance payment be in our office in a timely manner after the booking has been made and well before the trip or course date in order that our staff can properly prepare for the trip or course and ensure that we are not taking anyone into an environment that may be hazardous to their health or well being. Failure to do so will result in complete cancellation of the booking without refund.