What to Wear

Here are some tips for staying warm and comfortable when you’re out on a day hike.

What to wear

  • Comfy hiking shoes, or hiking boots depending on the terrain.
  • If you’re wearing boots, then wear one pair of thin cotton socks that will absorb sweat, and a thicker (scratchier) pair of hiking socks that you can pull up over your ankles – a good ploy to help protect. Wearing two pairs of socks greatly reduces your chance of getting blisters too.
  • Comfy trousers, hiking pants, or long shorts that do not clinch your waist in tightly, and which are stretchy enough to bend with you as you climb up steps or over rocks.
  • A long sleeved top that is tightly woven to protect against the sun. Or, if wearing short sleeves, then slap on an indecent amount of sun tan cream.
  • A lightweight cap, preferrably one that covers neck and ears. Again, the tips of your ears are often unknowingly exposed to a lot of UV rays.
  • Lightweight rain jacket.

What to pack

  • Small day rucksack
  • Camera
  • Note pad the size of your palm, and a pen
  • Phone (in case you get lost or suddenly get the urge to Facebook or Instagram – it happens, even on a hilltop…ewwww!)
  • Tissues
  • Sun tan lotion
  • Sun glasses
  • Lightweight fleece
  • Water, a few nuts, a bit of chocolate, energy drink, fruit.

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